JustBe Farm Retreat

JustBe Farm Retreat is a cosy cabin situated on a small privately owned game farm. Enjoy sitting on the patio, having a braai (barbeque), surrounded by wildlife. Expect to see the Cape Mountain Zebra, Eland (One of the world’s largest antelope), Gnu (Black Wildebeest), Springbok and the elusive Cape Fox, to name a few. A 1-hour free sundown game drive is included in the price. When night falls, remember to do some star gazing and when you spot a shooting star don’t forget to make a wish!

We at Soutkloof Game Farm want to introduce as many people as possible to the wonderful animals that used to roam the area. By spending time observing them and photographing them you are actively involving yourself with introducing the different species to your family and friends. For this we thank you!

Surrounding activities are mountain biking, hiking, paragliding, bird watching, wine, and beer tasting.

Languages spoken: Afrikaans, German, English