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The home of passive game, one of a kind in the Western Cape.

Game on Soutkloof in a peaceful and tranquil state make their way into our unique boma.

Soutkloof Game has created the unique opportunity for buyers nationwide, to bid on game that have entered the boma on Soutkloof.We stock and breed game on a natural basis.

We do not interfere and we allow nature to take its course.


JustBe Farm Retreat hosts two cosy cabins situated on a small privately owned game farm. Enjoy sitting on the patio, having a braai (barbecue), surrounded by wildlife. Expect to see the Cape Mountain Zebra, Eland (One of the world’s largest antelope), Gnu (Black Wildebeest), Springbok and the elusive Cape Fox, to name a few. At night fall, remember to do some star gazing and when you spot a shooting star don’t forget to make a wish!



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(Please note that the Cape Mountain Zebra are catalogue animals)

Cape Mountain Zebra
Black Wildebeest